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How to identify your target audience

Spoiler alert, “everyone” is NOT your target audience. I’ll repeat that one more time: You can not be right for everyone. And that’s a beautiful thing! Trust me.  Think of
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Tips & Tricks For Instagram Videos

Let’s talk about how to take your videos to the next level with these tips and tricks for shooting Instagram videos. the set up: Use Your Phone: The audio & video
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choosing the right font

WTF: Choosing the Right Font For You

WTF = What The Font, obviously. How do you choose the right font for your business? Today, we’re going to answer your most pressing questions about fonts starting with the most important:  Why
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3 Signs You’re Ready For A Redesign

Take a moment to honestly look at your business marketing. Are you still excited to share it with potential clients or does it feel a bit… blah? Here are 3
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5 Ways Social Media Boosts Your Current Marketing Strategy

So you already have a marketing plan in place. How do you leverage social media to boost your current strategy? Chances are, many of your ideal clients are on social
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brand planning - a notebook with a mug

DIY Branding: A Simple Trick

What if I told you there is just ONE trick you need to know to elevate your work from DIY Amateur to DIY Designer Extraordinaire? Today, we’re going to focus
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