What if I told you there is just ONE trick you need to know to elevate your work from DIY Amateur to DIY Designer Extraordinaire? Today, we’re going to focus on Do It Yourself branding.

Maybe you love design and you really enjoy putting your personal stamp on your business. Or perhaps you don’t have the budget yet to hire someone to do your branding and design. I’m going to let you in on a little secret about the #1 detail that makes you look like a design pro instead of a DIYer. I


There are many amazing, free resources out there. Canva.com is a great place to start. You can choose from hundreds of templates, colors, fonts, and pre-made designs.  It’s easy to find a bunch of creative ideas, pop in your content, and BOOM. Social media post won and done.

Not so fast. Templates are a great resource when customized for your business. But using too many different fonts, colors and styles can make your brand feel unprofessional and untrustworthy. Before you get lost in all the design potential, here’s a tip:

create yourself a simple brand guide

Make a document for your own reference. List out your favorite font or two and a simple color palette that includes a few shades to represent your brand.

This can be specific hex codes (if you know how to use them) or as general as “mocha” “cream” & “white”.

Then own it. Every piece you make includes that font pairing and at least two of your brand colors.

This consistency creates familiarity for your brand. You don’t have to be an expert about what each color means, but you need to create a consistent, recognizable presence. You do all this work to create a customer base, don’t let them get confused by inconsistent branding. 

You’ll see on this Java Bean example, they used a consistent font for both their marketing flyer & their menu.

The color scheme and font makes it feel cohesive, and instantly familiar to repeat customers.

If you find your DIY branding choices aren’t working for you in the long term, it’s okay to make a change. There are many ‘behind the scenes’ factors that go into branding. Sublimintial messaging, choosing the right font for your client base, color psychology, etc. It can be overwhelming.

If you need assistance, let’s talk. I have this helpful brand questionnaire to pinpoint where you are now, and where there’s room for improvement.  After you complete the questionnaire, we’ll schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss your options.

Now go on and make your business shine! 

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