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How To Craft The Perfect Mood Board

A mood board is a collection of visuals that convey a certain feeling, emotion or essence. It’s a tool for inspiration as well as a way to visually communicate your ideal brand identity.

Be open minded: Start with anything that inspires you. Don’t overthink it, or rule anything out that you like. Gather as many ideas as you can find, and only eliminate once you start pulling it together to see what doesn’t fit. Think outside the box – try new colors or styles that you wouldn’t normally think of for your business.
Don’t limit yourself: Think past photos and also look for textures, patterns and shapes.
Size matters: If you find a color or print you like, but want to use sparingly, make it small on the board. On the contrary, if you find a beautiful image that you love, make it a focal point.
Nothing is off limits: Try searching random words or colors – you never know what you might find.
Look for fonts & colors: If you see a script font that you love, include it. Try adding words or searching by a particular color.
Trust your instincts: You’ll begin to see what fits and what doesn’t.
Take It Offline: Don’t limit yourself to only images you find on the computer. Go for walk and see what inspires you in nature. Look in magazines. Find interesting textures. You can make a physical mood board or a digital one (or a combo of both!).

Hint: Once you have a few items selected, look for similarities and the reason why these items resonated with you. Is it the color? The style? This can help you find more objects to fill your board. Your job is to create a visual that defines your brand.  

Places to Look For Inspiration:

Online Creative Hubs

In Real Life

Free Stock Images:

Paid Stock Images:
Getty Images

Where To Build Your Mood Board

Anywhere that you can arrange photos. Don’t worry about the composition or layout, just focus on the finding right content. 

Here are a few recommendations to make building easier:

Hint: you’ll want to crop your images. An easy way to do this is by taking a screen shot:
On Mac: command shift 4
On PC: s
hift windows key S